Dheeraj Kumar Singh

B.com ( honours) 

Accountant & GST Practitioner

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About Blog

The following are the posts in this blog that are related to Goods and Services tax, Income Tax, Corporate Law and Other Laws in India. The main purpose of writing this blog is to educate and inform students and professionals about the changes in the tax system and law in India day by day.



About Me
I am a graduate in Commerce (Honours), pursuing CA And LLB as well, I have been practicing as an accountant since 2 years and GST practitioner since 1 year now. I’m always eager to enhance knowledge from anywhere and everywhere it comes for free. One day a thought came in mind, there’s a better way to do it, and it’s by sharing what you have with others so that they can show you the directions from where you can acquire it more.

Nowadays, gaining knowledge about anything is not a luxury anymore…nor the person who has knowledge is special anymore.. we all are like magnets…the more we are linked the more we attract…as simple as that…Here in this blog the writer… “That’s me”…insist you all to participate in sharing… I’m not at all more knowledgeable than you all over there….but definitely I’m more willing to be examined by all of you….so I want u all to test me…see if I can be useful to you…praise if get something out of it.. criticize if I’m mistaken anywhere….Since I’m from a commerce background and a Tax lover you will find more about these subjects here and practical situations around them… difficulty we face while dealing with these and also probable solutions.. I welcome you all in this sharing world where there are no boundaries if you’re willing to learn and teach as well…

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